About Us

Melinda Grap, C.M.A.

After an extensive career in the medical field, Melinda has been devoting her full energy and know-how into the hospitality business. After 5 years of experience at Mr. C’s Family Restaurant with her husband John, Melinda now takes the helm at the new Rock-A-Bago Hall. This new business is the next-door-neighbor to Mr. C’s. It also just happens to be the place where Melinda & John finally met.

The building is the former Da-Mar Restaurant and Bar, and most recently Reverbs Terryoke Bar. It had been closed for over 3 years as it had fallen into disrepair. Taking on the challenge of extensive renovations, Melinda was up to the task as General Contractor.

With Melinda’s children being full-grown adults, she now has the experience & time to dedicate to making the new place as popular as it ever was. The goal of having a nice place for a mature crowd to gather at by restoring such a great former local icon, is attainable through the use of Melinda’s favorite hobby: construction and deconstruction. Other hobbies that will serve her well are entertaining and bringing joy to others.